Understand Tech Impact In Your School District

As a K-12 district leader, you’ve dedicated substantial time and resources to instructional software. Do you know which software maximizes student time investments? How do you ensure spending aligns with curriculum goals? Gain clarity and make data-driven decisions with GoTeacher.

It's completely automated, seriously.

Analyze the ROI of any instructional software in just 30 seconds, regardless of your district's size. Try GoTeacher risk-free for 30 days to see how AI can help your district save thousands on unused software licenses.

Install our Extension

Begin by deploying the GoTeacher Chrome extension, or iOS app, on all devices across your school district.

Choose Platforms and Audiences

Identify trending platforms in your district and specify their intended users—students, grade levels, and schools—for precise analysis of learning outcomes.

Calculate Return on Learning

Our AI-powered ROI tool analyzes millions of student and teacher interactions yearly, instantly providing insights on your software's effectiveness and value.

Consolidate All Your Usage Analytics in One AI-Powered Dashboard

Aggregate data from hundreds of sources instantly. GoTeacher’s AI-powered algorithm generates a comprehensive ROI analysis by monitoring student device usage.

Gain Insights Into Your District's Technology Usage

Experience the most powerful educational ROI tool at a fraction of the cost. GoTeacher provides cutting-edge solutions to unlock cost savings for K-12 districts, at an incredibly low price.

Real-Time Analytics

Our AI-powered analytics deliver deep curriculum insights, showing how instructional software impacts student outcomes. There's nothing more powerful and easy to use.

Compare Platforms

GoTeacher is the only solution that enables analytics comparisons across multiple platforms, using filters for schools, subjects, and grade levels.

Resource Library

Catalogue all your instructional software in an easy-to-use interface, so teachers and the community know what’s available.

Automatic Return on Investment

Just drag and drop your contract information, and GoTeacher will automatically add and track paid software licenses for usage, calculating potential cost savings.

Unparalleled Protection for Your Data

GoTeacher employs state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your data is exceptionally secure, adhering to all major US K-12 privacy policies

In-House AI Models
All AI models are developed in-house, and your data remains within our secure cloud provider, ensuring maximum confidentiality and control over your sensitive information.
Advanced Encryption
GoTeacher utilizes industry-leading encryption standards to safeguard your data against unauthorized access, ensuring the highest level of protection.
Regulatory Compliance
Our platform complies with all US K-12 privacy regulations, providing assurance that your district’s data is managed securely.